Forever F.I.T. packages

Forever Aloe vera - Forever Vital 5 Bundles FIT Forever

Aloe Vera:

Stimulates your metabolism

Improves your immune system

Reduces skin problems

Would you like to completely change your lifestyle and choose healthier alternatives? Then our Forever F.I.T. packages are always a good idea. This way you immediately have everything you need to feel and look better. Below you can discover more about the Forever F.I.T. program and its product packages.

Which package do you choose?

We like to take a moment to list the specifications of the packages:

  • C9: Get moving, eat more consciously and step up to a healthier lifestyle in just 9 days.
  • F15: choose between a beginner, intermediate or advanced package. The focus on exercise and healthy eating depends on the Forever F.I.T. package chosen.
  • Vital 5: Provide your body with essential vitamins and minerals through proper nutrition.

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Want to take the step to a healthier lifestyle yourself? The team at Forever Living is here for you. Consult the packages on our website or contact us with further questions. We can be reached at +32 475 32 30 26 or the e-mail address info@forever-aloe-vera .be.